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Surabaya State University hosted the WFA 2019 or Walk For Autism 2019, Saturday (3/23). Located in the courtyard of the Unesa Rectorate Building, Lidah Wetan Campus, this event was attended by hundreds of extraordinary and special children from all schools in Surabaya. Walk for autism was held in collaboration with several parties, including the Surabaya City Dharma Wanita, JCI Indonesia, JCI East Java, FBI, JCI SDGS, Unesa, Surabaya City Government and many others. On this occasion, there was present the Unesa Deputy Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Bambang Yulianto, M.Pd., Arumi Bachsin as the wife of the Deputy Governor of East Java, Hengki Kurniawan as Deputy Regent of West Bandung, Andri Wongso as a motivator, Dharma Pertiwi Jatim, and many more.

This year’s Walk for Autism has many activities that aim to develop the abilities of Autistic children and appreciate every talent they have. This year, in addition to healthy walking, there are many other competitions and events held to entertain children, including mural trash murals, gong decorating competitions, AW gymnastics, bazaars, games, door prizes and art performances.

Indonation building with many of other bazaar stands also enlivened the event. We carry the movement of plastic straws freedom by introducing stainless straws as a safe alternative. What we did turned out to be a positive response from the Vice Chancellor of UNESA, Duta Anak Surabaya, Puteri Indonesia and also young people who helped enliven the event.

Our main goal is to campaign for reducing plastic waste, especially straws. We hope that the public will be aware of the dangers of using plastic straws. And we got it there! Please help us to reduce plastic waste!

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