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April 27, 2019, we see the Gebang closer. We come from various backgrounds. Some are professional, work, and there are students. But the age range is not an excuse for not holding hands. Every hand that is stretched clearly brings its own color in our service at Gebang 2 Elementary School Sidoarjo. In our journey, on the boat we joked and got to know each other more closely. We discussed the preparation for today’s session.

I have taken the information buildng 3 times, and from all three I have had a very different experience. The first time I joined, I found that those of us who didn’t know each other met children whose lives were very far from the city, making me very grateful for my life, and I came home very happily that day because my life could be a blessing to others. On the second occasion I joined, I felt I found a new family. Volunteers who are cool and can melt in all situations, we rejoice when we draw murals, we also laugh when playing with children. And in this third opportunity, I can’t wait for the story telling that we will bring, I can’t wait to see the enthusiasm of the Gebang children to act actively in the story telling. But I was also nervous because each of the volunteers today had the opportunity to lead the session. IndoNation is cool! I am happy to be part of this program, said Agnes, one of our volunteers who is also a graphic designer.

We did go to the same place to get to know better the situation there and what we can do together. Luckily, we met young people who were also able to see everything closer and they found hidden values ​​from what we did together.

not a great person, not a smart person we need to make a change. We need people who want, who have hearts to serve and longings to make this life more meaningful.

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