Life Changing Experience

Saturday 9 March 2019, 48 young volunteers from Al-Manshur Junior High School, Suropati Junior High School School, Singapore National Academy High School, Untung Suropati High School, Surabaya Bhayangkari 1 High School, Krian 1 Public High School, Cita Hati High School, UBAYA, UNAIR, UWM and UPH were supported by professional artist for mural drawing and also professional photographer from Bonek (Bonita Motret) visiting Gebang 2 SDN Sidoarjo. The 1.5 hour boat trip did not dampen our enthusiasm to color the world of the kids there. Yes, the world of the kids who just see the ponds and rivers around them for every day.

Volunteers are divided into 2 groups. One group carries the mission of drawing murals and uplifting children’s learning, ONE OTHER GROUPS is in the classroom to work and raise their awareness of the importance of reading books. The difficulty of networking for internet access and the difficulty of the area to be reached make us feel that we are not in Sidoarjo. We seemed to be outside the island, even to imagine how they struggled while seeking help when we were sick we could not.

Pak Ihwal, teacher at Gebang 2 Elementary School in Sidoarjo reported that local residents still often use leaves as an alternative to healing there. Many stories of mothers giving birth when they go to the city which must be taken for 1-1.5 hours.

Circumstances that are visible to the eye, and also stories that sound our ears make us very grateful. We don’t have to experience all that. But of course, we are also very sad to see there are people who still survive in this way.

“This is truly a pleasant experience when our talents are very welcomed by others. We who can only draw this have never imagined that our abilities will be able to help others”, said our volunteer Yuanita who is a mural artist. I hope that many young people can join and get life-changing experiences like this.

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